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🔌 I have chosen the Optimal Home Electricity Tariff for 2024 and saved 22%. How much can you save in your home, factory, or business?

Thanks to my home energy consumption monitoring system from Innovative Data Analytics, I have successfully optimized my electricity usage and saved a remarkable 22%, equivalent to 833PLN yearly. The power of data analytics has empowered me to make informed decisions about my energy consumption.

📊 Understanding the Numbers:

By analyzing data from the past year (starting from March 2023), I observed a total consumption of 3747 kWh. Here's a breakdown of the cost estimations for the available tariffs from my operator Tauron:

  • G11 flat tariff: 3485PLN

  • G12 two zones: 3146PLN

  • G12w two zones, weekends, and national days off work: 2914PLN

Energy Monitoring Dashboard - Costs Breakdown 2023

The analysis led me to choose the G12w tariff, resulting in a substantial 22% savings.

📈 Real-Time Monitoring:

Now, with my Home Energy Monitoring System, I can monitor my savings in real time and share insights with you. Here is a link to my public dashboard demo.

The dashboard includes:

Current Power Consumption with 24-hour bar chart: Illustrating average, min, and maximum power usage, highlighting energy consumption patterns.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard - Power Usage

Currents and Voltages per Each Phase: Providing a detailed view of electrical parameters to ensure safety and prevent breakdowns.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard - Overcurrent Monitoring

Power Distribution Between 3 Phases: Identifying imbalances for better distribution and avoiding potential issues.

🔧 Optimizing Power Usage:

The data revealed an uneven distribution among the three phases, prompting me to investigate and make adjustments. Symmetric usage ensures efficiency and prevents overloading.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard - Phases Load

Consumption Analysis: Offering a breakdown of consumption for the day, month, and year, with forecasts for better planning.

The estimation is 6,410 kWh for 2024. 💡My challenge it will to lower the final number!

Energy Monitoring Dashboard - Consumption, Forecast, Costs Breakdown

💡 Why Opt for an Energy Monitoring System?

Empower yourself with real-time insights and take charge of your energy usage:

  • 📊 Smart Analytics: Gain deep insights into your energy consumption patterns with real-time data.

  • 🔄 Optimization Opportunities: Identify and capitalize on areas for improved energy efficiency.

  • 💰 Cost Savings: Choose the most cost-effective tariff by leveraging data-driven decisions. 

🌐 Extend the Benefits to Your Home or Business:

Wondering how much you can save in your own space? Consider installing a similar or even more advanced Energy Monitoring System from Innovative Data Analytics.

🏡 Tailored Solutions for Every Space:

  1. Home: Ensure energy efficiency and savings while maintaining comfort.

  2. Factory: Optimize energy usage in industrial settings for enhanced productivity. 

  3. Office: Foster a sustainable and cost-conscious work environment.

  4. Business: Maximize operational efficiency and reduce overheads.

💡Monitor, Save, Detect, Protect:

Detect energy leaks, monitor energy consumption per machine or device productivity, like energy per batch or product, energy per m3 of compressed air, protect circuits against overcurrent and overvoltage, compare tariffs, and select optimally. Plan energy costs thanks to real-time forecasting.

Start making informed decisions about your energy consumption today and discover the potential savings for your home, factory, or business! 💡✨

✨ - Your Solution for Energy Monitoring:

  • Data Integration Solutions: Tailored solutions for data integration.

  • Energy Monitoring: Advanced analytics for savings, breakdown prevention, leak detection, and more.

🚀 Cost-Effective Implementation:

Thanks to the use of InDriver and Grafana, the implementation is not only cost-effective but also promises a quick return on investment.

📧 Get in Touch:

Interested in Energy Consumption Monitoring and Saving? Reach out to or explore a demo at demo.

Start making informed decisions about your energy consumption today and discover the potential savings for your home, factory, or business! 💡✨

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