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Meet InDriver

Install InDriver, launch InStudio, and create your systems in minutes

The screenshot below displays the central panel of InStudio, highlighting the InDriver configuration and the system development process.
InDriver Basic Features.png

InStudio: All You Need for Ultra-Effective Systems Development

  • The Connections Table on the left showcases InDrivers in rows, connecting to assigned SQL Servers or local direct connections displayed in columns. As indicated in the table, InDrivers can establish connections via multiple SQL Servers, ensuring redundancy.

  • The central tree illustrates the configuration of the selected InDriver. Each saved configuration is versioned, enabling users to revert to any previous version. Additionally, there's a 'SendAndRestart' button to reload InDriver with a new configuration.

  • The right panel encompasses various tabs, including 'Debug' which presents debug logs from the entire InDriver and its tasks; 'Messages' for communication between tasks; 'Commands' for calls to InDriver from InStudio; 'Current Statuses' of InDriver and its tasks; 'Editor' where developers code task functions like 'onStartup', 'onHook', 'onMessage', 'onShutdown' and 'Debug Log' to monitor task performance. The 'Templates' tree stores defined tasks, and the 'License' panel manages the InDriver license.

Typical development involves inserting a new task, placing code in the Editor (or an external Editor while InDriver automatically captures changes), and sending the configuration to InDriver. InStudio enables developers to observe real-time InDriver activity, view logs, and monitor statuses.

InDriver offers an additional API that extends regular JavaScript, incorporating objects for handling data acquisition and processing features such as RestApi, ModbusApi, FileApi, SocketApi, TCPServerApi, SerialPortApi, and TSApi. These are comprehensively described in the manual with multiple use examples.

Download InDriver and embark on your development adventure now.

Watch the system development in action.
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