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Advantages That Make InDriver the #1 Integration Platform

  • Easy to install and start

InDriver can be installed on any Windows computer, server, virtual machine, or edge device, supporting the widely used Windows 10, 11, or Windows Server 2018+.

This ensures:

  • Swift 1-minute installation and easy upgrades facilitated by the Windows Installer InSetup, which can be conveniently downloaded.

  • Endorsement by enterprises that continue to favor Windows platforms.

Plans include support for Linux platforms, leveraging InDriver's source code built on a cross-platform compiler.

InSetup  - Windows Installer for InDriver and InStudio
  • Distributed, scalable architecture with redundancy, backups, and remote management

InDriver employs a distributed architecture, enabling centralized management of InDriver instances through InStudio.

InDriver connects to InStudio via InServer (SQL Server), where its configuration and logs are stored. During the upload of configuration, it is also stored in a local file where InDriver is executed. InDriver can establish connections with multiple InServer instances, ensuring redundancy and configuration backups.

In the example system, as shown in the Connection Table from InStudio, 5 InDriver instances are connected via 2 InServers and through local direct connections, operating with a last response time of 2 seconds.

InStudio InDriver InDriver InDriver InServer InServer
InDriver Connections Table from InStudio
  • Compact Interface, Clear and Easy to Use

InStudio's user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive view of all system features at one glance. It facilitates the management of multiple InDrivers, allowing users to modify and upload configurations, view debug logs, messages, commands, and statuses, edit task functions, debug errors, and more. Even new developers can effectively start working with the system after spending just one hour with the provided documentation, instructional videos, and examples.

InStudio Panel
  • Change Control

Every change in InDriver configuration, settings, and task codes are recorded in repositories located on InServers. Reverting to a previous version is possible at any time.

Change control is essential in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals.

InDriver Change Log - The repository allows you to select previous versions of the configuration
  • Empowering Scripting Capabilities

While many data integration platforms rely on a no-code system design approach, replacing coding with numerous options and intricate data flow diagrams, InDriver offers unparalleled flexibility with coding. Thanks to InDriver's task architecture and robust API integrated with the widely-used programming language JavaScript, accompanied by a comprehensive manual featuring hundreds of examples, coding is streamlined to just a few lines – easily copy-pasteable. This efficiency makes InDriver an ideal choice for system development with limitless possibilities.

Empowering JS Scripting Capabilities in InStudio

Script Example:

Invoke two functions to establish a REST API connection.

  • Advanced API with unique InDriver features

InDriver features a built-in API that enhances JavaScript with seamless and efficient capabilities for SQL query execution, REST API calls (RestApi), Modbus device read/write (ModbusApi), starting and terminating external processes (ProcessApi), file processing with automatic change detection (FileApi), socket connectivity (SocketApi), TCP server listening (TCPServerAPI), and synchronous/asynchronous operations on serial ports (SerialPortApi), and more.

This comprehensive set of APIs simplifies and streamlines task programming in InDriver, making it both easy and efficient.

InDriver JS API Example

Example of: sqlExecute and ModbusApi.connectDevice() script

InDriver unique API Example

Example of a Unique API Solution: Modbus Read/Write Transaction Ensuring Atomic and Parallel Execution.

  • Seamless tasks execution

InDriver's tasks are synchronized with the computer clock, ensuring that all scheduled functions are executed precisely at synchronized timestamps, even in the seconds domain. For example, a 1-second hook occurs at 00:00:01, 00:00:02, 00:00:03, and a 15-minute hook at 00:15:00, 00:30:00, 01:00:00. This meticulous synchronization guarantees accurate data collection. Tasks run with near real-time execution, featuring an average millisecond latency.

In addition, InDriver effectively manages various connections such as SQL, RESTAPI, Modbus, Socket, and Serial Port, immediately reconnecting to maintain unbreakable connections.

InDriver hook function execution latency on Windows Platform

Real-time Performance may vary; test results are based on Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition, Standard B2s

Debug Log with SQL connection loss and reconnection actions

Debug Log with SQL connection loss and reconnection actions

  • No budget constraints

Unlike competitors, InDriver provides unlimited data processing capabilities, whether self-managed or on the cloud. Enjoy powerful data processing without cost constraints—no charges based on data volume, no limits on data update intervals, install InDriver and leverage machine performance limits.

Flexible Plan Validity Date

You have the option to choose the Plan Validity Date for a duration ranging from one month to three years, allowing you to align with your company budget.

InDriver Plans - no charges based on data volume, no limits on data update intervals

Available data sources and APIs









Available algorithms

Programming standards

Time-series Aggregation (TsApi)

Time-series Forecast




Coming soon




IEC 62056-21




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