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InDriver Quick Installation Guide

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Windows 7, 10, 11, or Windows Server >=2016

Code Signing Certificate
in progress.

When installing InSetup.exe, some users may encounter the Windows Defender Smart Screen dialog showing 'Unknown Publisher.' This occurs because the Code Signing procedure is still in progress.

To proceed with the installation of InDriver, please select 'Run anyway' or click on 'More' and choose the 'Install' option.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused; this is a temporary issue.

Windows Defender Smart Screen Dialog

Create Your Data Analytics System with InDriver, PostgreSQL and Grafana.

  1. Download InSetup and install InStudio and InDriver.

  2. Download and install PostgreSQL from or use PostgreSQL Cloud (Azure, Google, Amazon, or other).

  3. Create an account or download Grafana from

  4. Contact us for support.

Requirements and costs.

Here are the system requirements and pricing details:

  • For a minimal system, a single computer or virtual machine running Windows 7, 10, 11, or Windows Server >=2016 is sufficient.

  • For a cloud-based system, the requirements include a virtual machine and a separate virtual SQL server (recommended).

Pricing may vary depending on the vendor. For example, Microsoft Azure offers Windows Server starting from 10€/month, and Azure PostgreSQL Server starting from 30€/month.

Grafana is available under a free open-source license. Alternatively, you can opt for the Grafana-hosted free plan or a commercial plan starting from 8€.

For non-commercial projects, InDriver and InStudio licenses are provided free of charge.

For commercial projects, InDriver and InStudio licenses are available starting from 365€ per year.

Create case-study

Connect with us to discuss your data analytics needs.

We'll offer insights into the valuable data within your business and its potential profitability.

Take advantage of our complimentary remote case study analysis service.

Start a professional service

To initiate a professional implementation and maintenance service, we enter into a contractual agreement defining the scope and terms of our responsibilities and deliverables.

Our professional service includes:

  • Designing case studies
  • Delivering system components, including installation, configuration, and ongoing service
  • Developing data processing algorithms
  • Establishing connections with local data sources, which may involve cabling, hardware interfaces, and edge computers
  • Providing on-site or remote user training
  • Furnishing comprehensive documentation
  • Offering remote system maintenance

Our seasoned team of engineers ensures the delivery of a dependable dataset, complemented by seamlessly operating analyses. Experience the reliability for yourself.

Tell us about your project!

Thanks a lot.

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