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How InDriver + Grafana Can Revolutionize Production Data Analysis

Data analysts face new challenges in data processing and visualization every day.

Ad hoc dashboards, reports, new forecasting, detection, comparison, and KPI calculation algorithms to code, configure, and deploy.

They require extreme flexibility to easily construct the necessary analysis, sometimes within minutes.

Here's a new proposal - leverage the combination of InDriver from and Grafana from

InDriver is an application capable of executing multiple configured data processing tasks. Processed data in JavaScript can be acquired from various sources, such as REST APIs, SQL databases, and files, or directly from machines and devices using Modbus, TCPSocket, or SerialPort communication.

Implementing data processing algorithms requires basic knowledge of programming in JS and SQL.

Example: Calculation of machine KPI

Below is a screenshot of InDriver with one task defined to perform calculations of KPI every 60 seconds - specifically, the percentage of machine working time in the current day.

After calculating the KPI, it is straightforward to create a visually appealing dashboard in Grafana to display the results.

The dashboard is ready and will be updated every 60 seconds, every day.

Costs of such a system:

  • Grafana free forever plan:

  • Grafana

  • +10K series Prometheus metrics

  • 50GB logs

  • 50GB traces

  • 50GB profiles

  • 500VU/h k6 testing

  • InDriver is free for non-commercial applications; the commercial plan starts from 1€ per day.

This way, we have a professional, flexible, easy-to-use, and almost free system for manufacturing data analysis.


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