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A household iron was left on by mistake - A REAL LIFE STORY🔥⚡Remember – always turn off the iron! ⚡🔥

Harnessing Home Automation for Safety and Efficiency with InDriver. Spotting the Unseen Dangers: A Smart Home Success Story

Saturday Morning

On the last Saturday morning, I encountered an unusual sight on my energy dashboard – a series of peaks in power consumption that sparked immediate concern. This was not your typical pattern of household energy use. Instead, I saw a sharp rise from a baseline of 500W to peaks of 2.5kW, occurring at regular intervals throughout the evening and night.

InDriver-based Home Energy Monitoring System - Power Consumption
InDriver-based Home Energy Monitoring System - Power Consumption

InDriver-based Home Energy Monitoring System - Currents and Phases Load
InDriver-based Home Energy Monitoring System - Currents and Phases Load

The culprit? A household iron was left on by mistake, cycling on and off to maintain its set temperature. It's a common occurrence in busy households, but it can pose a serious risk. Fortunately, with InDriver, an intelligent multi-threaded JavaScript engine that I use at home, such dangers don't go unnoticed.

InDriver streamlines the automation of data acquisition, processing, logging, and analysis, functioning 24/7 without pause. It's equipped with various interfaces and system integrations, allowing me to tailor it to the specific needs of my smart home. For instance, by analyzing energy consumption trends, InDriver helps me choose the most cost-effective tariff, safeguard my home against overcurrent, and provide detailed forecasts of future energy use.

The incident with the iron was a potent reminder of the potential of real-time monitoring. The dashboard, powered by InDriver and visualized through Grafana, revealed power peaks calculated as the maximum value of 1-minute increases of total energy counter over every 15 minutes, synchronized with the server clock. This precise detection capability highlighted the potential danger and energy waste.

Advancing to Proactive Alerts

The next step will be to enhance InDriver's capabilities with an algorithm that automatically identifies such anomalies and sends alert notifications, protecting against the dangers of fire or unnecessary energy consumption. The system will soon include real-time analytics to spot irregularities in consumption profiles and alert the responsible parties within an organization.

Beyond the Home: Analytics for Large-Scale Energy Consumption

While my home system serves as a test bed for InDriver's capabilities, the potential applications are far-reaching. At my company,, we specialize in monitoring solutions for businesses with substantial energy consumption. Advanced analytics can lead to significant cost savings, energy conservation, and enhanced safety against fires or production breakdowns.

With 20 years of experience, I've learned that there's much room for improvement in the systems used by many companies. Even when systems exist, they often lack valuable analytics. They might provide charts and reports, but leveraging this data to realize tangible savings can be challenging.'s systems are different. They are built on the foundation of accurate, real-time data. They don't just read from smart meters; they interpolate data during internet outages, calculate real-time raw data, and use aggregation algorithms for various intervals. They forecast energy consumption with precision and employ tariff algorithms to aid in selecting the most economical option.

Invitation to Explore and Engage

I invite you to visit the website and view our home energy consumption dashboard demo. For any inquiries or further discussions, please feel free to reach out. And remember – always turn off the iron!

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