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Automate Data Integration

Experience Integration Freedom.

For Non-Commercial Use – Absolutely Free.

InDriver is a versatile programming platform developed by InAnalytics, designed to automate data integration, processing, and analysis.

It features a multi-threaded JavaScript engine and a robust API, enabling users to create systems that continuously execute user-defined tasks and algorithms.

InDriver supports various technologies, including
JavaScript, JSON, SQL, cloud architecture, IoT, Modbus, socket and serial communication, REST API, redundancy, time series aggregation, forecasting, and anomaly detection.

It's ideal for
professionals across industries such as industrial automation, energy data analytics, IoT, and business intelligence, providing both commercial and non-commercial (free) usage options.

Easy to download
and install
with Windows Installer


Easy coding with intuitive JavaScript API, copy-paste examples,
and complete documentation

if (RestApi.isSucceeded()) {
          const energyData = RestApi.getData('Shelly');
          // add processing code if needed
          let ts = InDriver.hookTs().toISOString();
          "insert into (source, ts, data )
         values ( 'Shelly','"

Solution ready in just a few minutes

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Latest Update!

The improved InStudio user interface is now available in the latest version (2024-06-06).

InStudio UI




Pressure Sensor


cloud network process


rest api


Power Meter
dashboard analytics
sql server


Smart Meters





Edge Computer
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Edge Device,

Industrial Computer


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Virtual Machine


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Virtual Machine


Laptop with InStudio
Download and Install InDriver on Any Machines, including Edge Devices, Servers, or Virtual Machines.

With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can create automation tasks and configure them to run periodically or on specific events. These tasks can:

  • Automate data collection, processing, and analysis

  • Integrate various control measurements and IoT devices

  • Generate automated data pipelines from multiple sources

  • Log data into SQL databases

  • Execute user-defined algorithms

Use intelligent InDriver API objects such as RestApi, ModbusApi, FileApi, ProcessApi, SocketApi, TCPServerApi, SerialPortApi, and TSApi to build end-to-end systems that:

  • Execute SQL queries

  • Call web service APIs (e.g., REST)

  • Read data from industrial automation devices (e.g., Modbus)

  • Run external processes

  • Read and write external files

  • Send and receive TCP or Serial Port frames

  • Aggregate time series

  • Execute your data processing algorithms using the powerful TimeSeries API and SQL features

InDriver's versatility goes even further.

For those who want to develop a distributed system, InDriver is the best choice. Install InDriver on multiple computers and remotely manage the entire system using InStudio.

With InDriver, you can create data automation systems much easier and faster.

"InDriver makes system development easier and faster.
Users can effortlessly create and configure tasks,
and write their usually brief code using the built-in API.

The rest happens automatically."

Meet InStudio – Your Systems Development Environment.

InDriver, combined with InStudio, is a ready recipe for a robust system.

  • Easy to install and run

  • Distributed, scalable architecture with redundancy, backups, and remote management

  • Compact interface, clear and easy to use

  • Track changes and system versions

  • Users create their own JS scripts, supported by ready-to-copy examples

  • Advanced API with unique InDriver features

  • Multithreading and trouble-free execution of large numbers of tasks

  • No license restrictions - InDriver can perform any number of tasks and process any amount of data, limited only by the computing power of the machine on which it is installed

  • Completely free for non-commercial use

Meet sample solutions based on the InDriver Platform

Build Data Pipelines Easily
Collect, Upload, Transform, Store, Process and Analyze Data
Data Integration Engine

Key applications

InDriver is utilized to create systems that automate data processing across various industries, including:

  • Industry

  • Production

  • Energy

  • Trade

  • Business

  • Transport

  • Analytics

  • And many other sectors

System developers using InDriver do not require extensive programming experience.

Grafana Energy Consumption Dashboard
  • Data Integration

    Seamlessly integrate different types of data in real-time.

    ETL: Extract - Transform - Load.
    Thousands of APIs are ready to serve your data needs.


  • Data-Driven Excellence

    Empower decision-making through the analysis of automated reports and dashboards, specifically designed for today's discerning managers.

  • Industrial Automation

    Collect, process, and analyze data from industrial automation systems, PLCs, machines, production lines, digital factories, Industry 4.0, sensors, IoT devices, counters, and more.

  • Energy Data Analytics

    Elevate your strategy from basic monitoring to in-depth analytics.

  • SQL Query Automation

    Schedule queries for execution at specific time intervals or events, ensuring seamless automation that works around the clock for you.

Use InDriver to realize ETL
Industrial Data Integration
​​An example of data integration with industrial automation devices.

Thanks to the InDriver platform, the system is simplified to just a few lines of code.
Here is an example showing how simple it is to integrate REST API, Modbus, and SQL.

ModbusApi.readDevice('IOLogic','{"name": "coils1", "type": "COILS", "address":1, "size":8}');

if (RestApi.isSucceeded() && ModbusApi.isSucceeded()) {
          const energyData = RestApi.getData('Shelly');
          const modbusData = ModbusApi.getAllData();
          // add processing code if needed
          let ts = InDriver.hookTs().toISOString();
InDriver.sqlExecute("azureserver", "insert into (source, ts, data ) values ( 'Shelly','"+ts+"',$$"+energyData+"$$);"
InDriver.sqlExecute("azureserver", "insert into public.modbus (source, ts, data ) values ( 'IOLogic','"+ts+"',$$"+modbusData+"$$);"

Flexible installation options tailored to your needs.


Download and install InDriver on your local computer, server, edge device, or cloud virtual machine. Manage your IT infrastructure flexibly and cover the related costs yourself.

InDriver on the cloud
managed by

Define InDriver tasks yourself or with our help, and have them executed on a virtual machine managed by us. Depending on your resource usage, you will incur infrastructure and administration costs.

Dedicated Solution

Take advantage of our support to create a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're working in the cloud or on-premises, InDriver seamlessly adapts to your project.

Create Data Systems, everywhere you work.

Optimize Your Costs with InDriver:

  • Free for non-commercial use,

  • Commercial plans start from 1 €/Day.

Unlike competitors, InDriver offers unlimited capabilities, whether self-managed or in the cloud. Enjoy powerful data processing without cost constraints—no charges based on data volume and no limits on data update intervals.

Install InDriver and leverage the maximum performance of your machine.

Watch InDriver in Action!
The ready solution in a one-minute video.

Energy Smart Meters Data Analytics
Smart Meters | Data collection | Aggregation | Forecasting | Analytics | Real-Time Dashboards
Energy Smart Meter Shelly with REST API
Energy monitoring dashboard



A system that reads weather data from Krakow, Poland, every minute using the REST API protocol and saves it in the Microsoft Azure for PostgreSQL database in the JSON format.



Energy data analysis system for a smart home, based on continuous smart meter reading and execution of analytical algorithms by InDriver and then saving the values to a SQL database in the cloud and visualization using the Grafana dashboard.

Home Energy Consumption Dashboard - Grafana

Start now

Take advantage of our professional implementation services or decide to create the system yourself.


"I require professional services for my company."

Professional Entertainment Services

Programmer, Developer

Free for non-commercial use

"I can build the system on my own."

Download and start

Got questions? Reach out anytime.

Thanks a lot.

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