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Effortless onboarding for businesses of all sizes.
Our scalability caters to individual users, small startups, and large enterprises alike.

Take advantage of a 50% discount in 2024!


0 /year

 €  Regual Price


0 /year
+10 € service fee

Embrace total freedom with our complimentary plan, designed for non-commercial applications. Download InDriver and unleash its power for home, study, and training purposes without any restrictions.

  • Non-commercial applications

  • No charges based on data volume

  • No limits on data update intervals

  • Self-managed

  • Low-priority, limited e-mail support


2190 /year



1095 /year
+10 € service fee

Elevate your commercial applications with InDriver's Professional plan. Download and unlock the full potential of InDriver with our expert assistance, now available with a 20% discount on consultancy services.

Standard Plan +:

  • Support is available 8 hours a day, 5 days per week.

  • Remote consultant access in case of system failure incidents.

  • High-priority support with a response time of one business day.


730 /year

 €  Regual Price


365 /year
+10 € service fee

Empower your commercial applications with InDriver. Download and harness the potential of InDriver in your company, factory, or organization—for your clients and beyond.

  • Commercial applications

  • No charges based on data volume

  • No limits on data update intervals

  • Self-managed

  • Low-priority, limited e-mail support






Optimize your business applications with InDriver's Enterprise plan.

Professional Plan + Selected Options:

  • Additional InDriver Licenses for distributed systems.

  • Remote system upgrades.

  • Support may be available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Premium Hyper-Care Live Support with a response time of up to one hour and a defined problem-solving time limit.

  • Dedicated support team.

  • Custom implementation services.

  • Monthly package of consultancy and engineering services hours.

Flexible Plan Validity Date

Choose the Plan Validity Date by selecting the year and month, with options ranging from one month to three years.  How to buy InDriver's plan.

Join the Early Adopters Program!

Attention Systems Integrators! Dive into innovation with our Early Adopters Program. Enjoy exclusive benefits including complimentary InDriver licenses and personalized support.

Explore our additional services to enhance your experience:
  • User Training
    Equip your team with the necessary skills through our comprehensive user training programs.

  • Pre-Implementation Consultations
    Benefit from expert advice and guidance in the early stages of implementation to ensure a seamless process.

  • Systems Implementation
    Let our professionals handle the intricate details of system implementation, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Additional Systems Support
    Extend your support beyond the basics with our additional systems support, addressing any ongoing needs.

  • Custom Features Development
    Tailor InDriver to your exact requirements with our custom features development service.

  • Documentation
    Keep everything in order with detailed documentation, ensuring clarity and ease of use.

  • Online Engineer Consultancy
    Access real-time assistance with our online engineer consultancy, providing solutions to technical challenges.

    Optimize your InDriver experience with these value-added services tailored to meet your unique needs.

How to buy InDriver's plan

Free, Self-managed, Professional

Download and install InDriver. Navigate to Setup > Licenses, enter your registration data, choose Plan Validity Date, and generate a license request.

Send the request to, specifying your chosen option: Free, Self-managed, or Professional.

You'll be promptly contacted to process payment or undergo a non-commercial usage survey. Upon completion, you'll receive a license key to insert into your InDriver. Find detailed instructions in the InDriver Manual.

InDriver License Request

Enterprise or additional services

Send support enquiry.

Support Enquiry

Thanks a lot.

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